about Hepsy

Hepsy – my real name (part of it, anyway), shortened.

I live several lives, it seems, with different sets of friends. My Artsy friends (generally) don’t know my politics, Mac friends don’t know my business and Friends from business encounters don’t know my art. I’ve taught Mac things. My designs have received recognition and awards. My writing has been published. My keiki say I’m  just Mom, or Tutu (granny).

My father was an artist/photographer/Army guy, my mother and her mother way ahead of their times. My mother was born and raised in mid-Georgia, my father upstate New York and neither hesitated to explore whatever crossed their paths. And both had insatiable curiosities, difficult genes to escape! I’ve  been told I’m more Rebel than Yankee, that life is meant to explore and laugh with its humor. I was taught that being different is preferred to being like everyone else so…  I’m in Hawaii now, island of Oahu, where my shoes don’t need tops.

It’s difficult to use a picture of me that’s straight-forward. (I blame that on an unconventional upbringing :)) The pic here was used for a printed-in-magazine Mac article I was asked to write a couple of years ago. One of my grandsons with an oversized Bunny balloon was edited out from in front of me, which is why I’m hunched over – and happy (holding a grandchild) 🙂 Don’t miss the grey hair, or that that’s a Mac monitor! Can you tell the OS?

For the past few years I’ve saved funnies that friends have sent (email), intending to gather them in one place. Finally! They’re here, FunnyMail.wordpress.com

If you happen to catch me online (see the chat box in the left column) it’d be fun to yell at each other in delayed time.

enjoy -aloha!

contact hepsy — hepsywordpress at islandpostmaster dot com

1 Comment

  1. janis said,

    Saturday 31st July 2010 at 7:58 pm

    ture blue you!

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