Merry ChristMass!

This is a Christmas Tree from last December has attracted hits, pingbacks and criticism the past few weeks with a few brave enough to send their scathes privately. It’s still a Christmas Tree! It isn’t a Hanukkah bush, Holiday  Tree, Allah Plant, or whatever else you may think to call it, to avoid calling it what it is: It’s a Christmas Tree!

My friends, a curious assortment of religions (Buddhists, Hindu, Hawaiian, etc.), and non-religions (atheist, admit-to-nothing), with pollitical differences, celebrate Christmas as an American tradition. The faiths vary, the beliefs and disbeliefs sometimes profoundly different. Yet Americans choose to celebrate Christmas. It isn’t as old a tradition as practicing Christianity, as depicted in Capitol murals. We are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Americans pursue happiness in the festivities of Christmas. And find it in the Son, born of Jewish parents, the one who Wise Men still seek. And in the quiet calm of their religions.

Atheists, Buddhists, Hawaiians and Admit-To-Nothings spend whatever’s left over from taxes to wrap gifts, indulge in merriment, imbibe in egg nog, and deck their halls with holly while the Christmas tree gets adorned with o′jects created by sticky little hands.

I’m so tired of hearing, “Happy Holidays!” Which “holidays” are to be happy? “Holiday Season,” meaning Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year? (I’m older than Kwanzaa.) Or  New Year, Valentine’s Day, the White Sale, and 4th of July? What are December’s Holidays (Holy Days), besides Christmas and Hanukkah?

So I say to you not “Happy Holidays”, which is rather benign, but rather

Merry Hanukkah, Happy Christmas and Joyous New Year!

This is a Christmas Tree

Dear Friends,
This Is A Christmas Tree ~ IT IS NOT a Holiday Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree

These are Christmas Trees

These are NOT Holiday Trees

They are not Hanukkah bushes

They are not Allah plants

They are Christmas trees.

Say it…


Yes CHRISTmas -not Holiday

We are not celebrating the birth of a Holiday!!!

We are Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ!!!

So I would like to say to tell you,

Have a Very Merry CHRISTMAS

and may GOD BLESS you for having Christmas in your home.

-from JS